Harness the Power of the Sun

Create the perfect swimming experience! Imagine being able to heat your pool by an astonishing 8 to 12 degrees in just one day.

Creating a technology that replaces the need for gas or electricity to heat a pool takes inspired imagination. Yet it took a team of talented experts to make it a reality.

Top engineering and design firms like Jackson Hedden, Inc. in Birmingham Alabama and state of the art Software andFirmware development companies like Product Design Experts, Inc. located in Philadelphia, PA.,spent many hours of research, discussion, planning, and testing to achieve the most dynamic breakthrough in pool heating ever devised.

Redefining Pool Heating

Solaqua28 is at the forefront of redefining pool heating, introducing a paradigm shift in how we experience the water.

By harnessing the boundless energy of the sun, it transforms ordinary pools into havens of warmth and comfort.

Gone are the days of relying on fossil fuels; solaqua28 stands as a testament to sustainable innovation, reducing energy costs by an average of $600 per season, and leaving a greener footprint.

Its ability to elevate pool temperatures by 8-12 degrees within a day revolutionizes the concept of instant gratification.

Embracing solaqua28 means embracing a new era of pool heating – one that combines cutting-edge technology, environmental consciousness, and uncompromised relaxation.

Sizing the Solaqua28

Numerous factors come into play when considering solar pool heating. These include the volume of water requiring heating, initial pool temperature, sun intensity encompassing time of day and passing clouds, ambient air temperature, and wind conditions.

Of these variables, only the pool's water volume is controllable. Ensuring that the pool size aligns with the provided guidelines is of utmost importance, as illustrated in the graphic to the right.

Solaqua28 has been meticulously designed to excel in pools with a capacity of 10,000 gallons or less. If your pool holds between 10,000 and 20,000 gallons, optimal results necessitate the use of two solaqua28 units.

For every additional 10,000 gallons, an extra solaqua28 unit is recommended for achieving the desired outcomes.

How it works

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The Details

Go Green

A heating solution powered by the sun. The solaqua is one of the best ways for you to go green while working through ways to heat your pool.

Fast, safe, eco-friendly, effective.

Save Money

By embracing solar power, you can save an average of $600 per season on your energy bills, all while enjoying the perfect pool temperature!

The Tech

Running off of a rechargeable battery pack, thermal sensors, monocrystalline solar panel, and diaphragm pump, the solaqua is by far one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to heat your pool this summer.

Product Specs

28" x 7" the solaqua comes in a compact package that heats your pool discretely while still allowing you to enjoy the day, and extend the summer months spent in your pool. One (1) solaqua is required for every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool,

Common Questions

How does the solaqua28 work?

The solaqua28 is a self-contained unit, that uses solar power to charge the internal battery that runs the brains of the solaqua28. The water is pumped into, and heated, in the black PVC reservoir. Sensors will tell the electronics when to put the warm water in the pool. Under the right circumstances, heated water will be released into your pool over 30 times an hour, increasing the pool emps by 8-12 degrees in the same day.

Do I have to put it together?

There is no additional installation required besides taking it out of the box, connecting the rechargeable batteries, and putting it in your pool.

How long will the solaqua28 last?

All parts included in the solaqua28 were specified for a minimum 10-year life. We offer a 3-year manufacturer's warranty for defective parts.

How often do I need to change the battery?

The batteries are recharged by the sun and have a lifespan similar to other rechargeable devices, such as smartphones or cordless power tools.

Can I leave the solaqua28 in the pool overnight?

Absolutely! The solaqua28 does not run if the sun no longer provides solar heat, and will come back on when it senses the sun is out.

My pool has both sunny and shaded areas, how do I keep the solaqua28 in the sun?

We recommend you anchor the solaqua28 to the sunny end of your pool. We have an anchor that can be purchased to meet your need.

How do I store my solaqua28 when I'm not using it?

It is important that you ensure that almost all water is drained out of the unit before storing. This is to avoid potential freeze damage, or build-up of bacteria after the pool-water chlorine eventually neutralizes. We offer a protective case to store the solaqua28 which you can purchase online. We also recommend it be placed somewhere that it cannot be accidentally damaged.